Meg is a yoga teacher extraordinaire. Her knowledge & ability to adapt  to children of all ages is unsurpassed. Meg has a calming energy about  her & we all (teachers & students alike) look forward to her visits.|
Christy Glover
Pre-School Playmate Teacher, Hingham MA

Meg thoughtfully tailors her yoga classes to the ages and needs of the
children in her class. From the first moment to the last, Meg engages the
body, mind and spirit of each child.
Gail Matern
Children’s Librarian, Hingham Public Library

My 4 year old has really enjoyed her yoga experience.  It is clear when I watch her teach her younger sister moves and songs from the classes with Ms. Meg.  She is very excited for her next semester to start this fall.  It is a wonderful opportunity for kids!
South Shore Conservatory, Hingham MA

Hi Meg,
Thank you for all your work. Joey adores Yoga. Every morning he wakes up and asks: Is it a Yoga day? So thank you for that.
Hingham MA

1 thought on “Testimonials

  1. I was impressed by Meg’s ability to engage all her students, especially considering their range in age and attentional abilities, in a yoga class that involved not just asanas, but also breathwork, & meditation.
    Learning Services Intern at Inly; RYT (200 hr)

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