Babies Can Do Yoga

This spring my sister had her second child – another boy. I had the privilege of spending time with this divine person when he was 9 weeks old.

Theo and I spent time bonding through yoga. Several times over a 3-week period I laid him down on the floor and engaged with him through song, movement and infant massage. Even at this young age Theo loved the attention and made cooing noises and eye contact during these short yoga sessions.

Here are some examples of the benefits that I observed about yoga with a baby.

  • After yoga Theo fell into a deep sleep in my arms
  • Theo immediately stopped crying after doing Drop Squats
  • I felt closer to my nephew because of the touch and eye contact
  • Theo enjoyed moving his body and listening to me sing

Theo After the Yoga Session

Baby Theo

I highly recommend this experience to all moms and caregivers. Sometimes we forget how to engage with infants except through feeding and diapering. Baby yoga gives us tools for socializing, gross motor skills, body awareness, strength, and language development.

I will be offering Baby Yoga at the South Shore Conservatory this Fall. Click here to register for a class.