Mindfulness – NOW!


September is rapidly approaching.  I am already envisioning a very busy fall coordinating my children’s school activities, after school activities and my work schedule.  It is a good thing that I know some tools of mindfulness and yoga to keep myself focused and in a happy mood.  This cartoon above comes from the Boston Globe.  To me it is a reminder to stay in the present – NOW.

This is a great challenge in today’s fast paced world.  Technology like smart phones, ipads and texting accelerate our communication and create a lot of distraction for us and our children.

Mindfulness and Yoga are two tools that allow me to take a few breath, settle my mind and stay focused with the task at hand.

The next time you or your children find yourselves spinning into chaos.  Try slowly breathing in for 5 seconds and slowly breathing out for 5 seconds several times – Take Five.