Yoga is the New “It” Activity for Kids

Click here to check out this article about my business from an interview done with me by Momma Jam.  Below are some highlights.

We interviewed Meg Durkin, founder of Yoga Magic 4 Kids on the South Shore.  Durkin  instructs about 17 different classes for kids:  Pre-schoolers at the South Shore Conservatory in Hingham and middle schoolers at Open Doors Yoga Studio in Hingham.

“Yoga teaches kids to be introspective,” says Durkin.  ”It helps them go inside themselves to learn what they need to feel better.”

Yoga also reminds kids what “quiet time” feels like.  In an age when kids are constantly “on” and plugged in with electronics or running from one activity to another, yoga is an opportunity for kids quiet down.

“The movements in yoga develop and integrate the right and left side of the brain, which promotes learning,” says Durkin.  Plus, yoga strengthens the body and is a great overall exercise for kids.  The deep breathing involved boosts your immune system.

In addition to public classes, Durkin offers private yoga for families, Girl Scouts or any group looking to get fit though yoga.  In the spring, she’s introducing wellness lesson for families. Go to for more information.