Top Ten Ways for Preschoolers to Reduce Stress

Yes, it is true even children as young as three can feel stress from our environment.  Here are a couple yoga techniques for children and adults to do, so they can unplug from our fast paced society and feel some calm instead.

1. Take Five – This is a yoga breathing technique.  Breath in for five and then breath out for five while counting on your fingers.
2. Play music with no words and color with crayons.  This is a form of meditation.
3. Take a walk in nature while appreciating the quiet and beauty.
4. Take an “Imagination Vacation”.  In a resting position, listen to a guided visualization.
5. Blow on a pinwheel.
5. Sit quietly and listen for sounds in the room.
6. Do a couple of yoga poses like dog, cat, cow, or snake.
7. Act out yoga poses to Laurie Berkner’s song Goldfish.
8. Say out loud three things to be thankful for.  For example, I am thankful for my family, I am thankful for my school, and I am thankful for my health.
9. Name two things that you like about yourself.   For example, I am loving and I am helpful.
10. Eat one blueberry very slowly.  First begin by feeling and smelling it in your hand, then taste and notice the texture in your mouth.