Yoga Benefits According to YogaEd

I recently attended a workshop taught by YogaEd, an organization that trains school teacher to teach yoga in the classroom.  It was a great experience.  Here is one of my take a way’s that I thought I would share with you.

The Benefits of Yoga:

Yoga is non-competitive.
Kids practice being supportive and respectful because they must slow down, notice and work with their own experience.  It is process-focused, not goal focused.  Everyone can do yoga, feel good about it and help each other with it.

Yoga requires staying present.
Kids develop focus, concentration and discipline through yoga.  They experience how their own mind-b0dy system works, and therefore learn how to work more productively with themselves.  Kids learn how to consciously change their mental and emotional states, becoming more responsible for their choices and health.  They have tools to bring themselves into balance with leads to feeling good and making healthy nutrition choices such as eating more fruits and vegetables.

Yoga is practical, low-cost preventative medicine.
Yoga serves as a balancing and restorative counter-pose to modern life.  Kids shift the stress response in their autonomic nervous systems and move from fight-or-flight to creativity and enjoyment while enhancing fitness.

Yoga creates balance, integration, flexibility, and quiet.
Kids slow down, find center and become more present through yoga.  They also release tensions and toxins.  They feel better, are more relaxed, and can therefore focus and participate fully in learning and exercise.

Yoga expands and enriches awareness and the experience of our inner life.
Yoga is a tool that enables children to have a greater sense of SELF.  They become less reactive and grounded, creative, communicative, compassionate and alive.

Yoga is not an intellectual process; it is experiential and social.
Kids feel the difference in themselves and in the group after doing yoga.  They personally experience coherence and calm and take joy in having given it to themselves.