Dancing Crow Yoga

There is a new yoga studio opening up in Hingham on March 22nd.  This yoga studio is located above Crate & Barrell at the Derby Street Shops.  

Here are a couple of quotes from Fay Sutherland the studio owner.
“Offering thoughtful and challenging yoga for clients of all levels, ages and body types.”
“Dancing Crow Yoga will offer classes for students of every level, in a variety of yoga styles.  “Our teachers emphasize alignment and safety” says Sutherland.  “We will challenge students to become stronger and more flexible while observing their unique abilities and limitations.” says Fay Sutherland, the studio’s owner and founder.  This is just one of the ways in which yoga teaches us to find the balance between effort and relaxation.”

I, Meg Durkin will be offering yoga for children at this studio.  My first class will start Tuesday March 23rd from 9:30 – 10:30 for children ages 3 – 6.   There is a yoga studio next door where adults can take a yoga class from Nikki Jacobs simultaneous to the kids class.  What could be better than both Mom/Dad and Child  having yoga at the same time at each individuals appropriate level!

Check out the website: